Start With "Why" Welcome To Tribe

Welcome to Tribe

I have often heard that so many ideas come from someone simply creating the kind of business that they wish they could’ve had as an option.If that is true anywhere, it is with Tribe.

The difference is that I wasn’t simply a customer, or patient. I had been both of those, and then spent several years seeing it all from the inside as a doctor. And what I saw, the collection of those experiences, it wasn’t serving the right people. Most of all, it was a model build around vendors and insurers, not customers or patients.

Glasses were exorbitantly expensive, but worse than that it was almost impossible to anticipate their cost. As someone myself that budgets pretty meticulously, this drove me crazy. The only band-aid was various forms of vision plan. And seeing that from the inside, it quickly became clear that these only added to the frustration. As a doctor I spent as much time explaining vision benefits as I did actually examining someone, all to essentially lessen the blow that their plan doesn’t cover nearly all of their expense. That isn’t why I became a doctor, and it isn’t why someone comes to see us. It was all an invented problem. My patient and I just had a 10 minute exchange, discussing a system that doesn’t exist to serve either one of us. It was preposterous when you thought about it.

The blog will cover a lot of different topics, from the imperative to try something new to just cool things about how our vision works.

More than anything, it matters that our customers and patients know not just what we do at Tribe, but why we do it.

The shortest possible answer is that I know we deserve better — you as a patients or customers and us as doctors. Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us.