Eye Exams

Eye Exams At Tribe

Pay $150. Membership lasts 1 year.

Redeem your eye exam anytime in the year, on your time.

+ 1 year of concierge care. Any issues that arise, or medically prudent

follow-ups = seen for FREE

No contact lens fees. No extra testing fees. Total capitation.

Everyone pays the same, regardless of complexity of care.

Your glasses will cost $50, or $225 for progressives.




Eye Exams Everywhere Else

$185 Average Cost

$70 Contact lens fitting fee

$160 Average Extra Testing

Pay for every visit, every test, and the complex cases pay much more.

Glasses cost: Who knows. Find out at the end. (Hint: A lot)


Why You’ll Love Our Exams

    • Thoroughness is everything. You’ll have about 4x as much face time with our doctor as industry average.
    • No more endless paperwork and forms. When seeing a doctor starts to feel like a trip to the DMV, we need a new type of doctor’s office.
    • Dilations are always planned. If you’ll need a ride, we will plan that together.
    • Diverse experience, from pediatric clinics to hospital-based ocular disease.
    • We never charge for contact lens services, or extra testing. We take care of your eyes, whatever that means for you.



$150 per person, or $250 for two joining together


Our member system is our innovation to help people keep their annual “eye bill” lower than ever before. By bundling your initial eye exam, glasses or contacts, and follow-up care if needed into a flat rate, the savings are drastic. Membership includes your complete eye exam, as well as any prudent follow-up visits for the year.


Total cost capitation
This means you will pay only for your membership, no matter how many times you’re seen or tests we run.


Quality & Price
Our frame line uses the best materials out there, and your frame selection never affects the cost. Non-glare and scratch coats are standard.


Time is everything
Get your appointment soon and when you want it, not in a month when the receptionist tells you. Get eyecare on your schedule with our online booking system.

Vision Plans & HSA Benefits

⊕ HSA/FSA benefits are always welcome and easy to use. We will provide the documents you’ll need to verify your health purchases at Tribe.

⊕ Vision plans such as VSP and EyeMed are the lynchpin of the monopoly that has kept glasses at exorbitant prices. That is why we will help you file your services at Tribe as out of network benefits. This is much more cost effective. By adding your benefits to our low prices, your final out of pocket expense will be much less.



Submit In Our Office
Log into your VSP or EyeMed account on our office system, and we will guide you through the submission process. It takes just a few minutes!


Radically Simple Prices
Their markups are our standard lenses, with non-glare and hard coats. For $200 have your eye exam, a year of concierge care as needed, and a complete pair of glasses. Shop your frame ahead of your exam appointment and leave with your new Rx and glasses in one hour.


Free Shipping
If trips to our showroom on Burlington's Church Street are rare for you, we happily ship any and all orders for free.


Schedule Online now, and receive a confirmation email in minutes. No need to call to confirm!

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