It is about time that online glasses -- went pro.

Tribe Online

(+)  We have members, not customers. No one stands behind their            optical work more. 

(+)  Price. Your membership costs just $50 a year, then each                       complete pair only $50 with no limit. 

(+)  Experts on more complex optical needs, like progressives and              high prescriptions.

(+)  Uses patent-pending technology to precisely fit your glasses              using only photos from your smartphone. 

(+)  Backed by experienced opticians and eye doctor support, for              learning every nuance for your perfect glasses.





Other Online Opticals

(-)  Work in transactions, not relationships. We’ve done this long              enough to know better. 

(-)  Price comes with a lot uncertainty on quality and execution.               We use only the best materials out there. 

(-)  Complex needs require experience and a personal touch.                     We change our protocols accordingly. 

(-)  Unreliable fit and optical center technology and measurements            like PD you must supply yourself.  

(-)  Produced as a commodity, not as a craft. 


Prices and Membership

Membership is $50 a year, and does not auto-renew. Here’s what it means.

    • Breakage replacement. If your Tribe glasses break this year, just mail them back for (one) full replacement. It’s repaired or replaced, for free.
    • “Perfect fit” technology. We will save your personal specifications and measurements, for effortless ordering.
    • Free shipping. Unlimited glasses, contacts, or lens replacements for the year.
    • Doctor-to-doctor support. If your glasses need a big change, we will work with your local doctor to make the right adjustments.


Our (Radically Simple) Prices

Frame choice at Tribe never affects cost. Pick one of our designer frames or use one of your own, new or used. All of our lenses come standard as polycarbonate material with anti-glare and scratch protection.

Complete Pairs: Frame  (Ours or Yours) + Rx Lenses

◊ $50                 Single Vision ∈ standard           ◊ $225                 Progressives/Bifocals ∈ standard         ◊ $125                 Rx Sunglasses ∈ polarized

◊ $100               Single Vision  upgraded         ◊ $300                  Progressives/Bifocals ∈ upgraded            ◊ $175                 Rx Sunglasses ∈ upgraded

Our Front Line Support discount is in effect for lens replacements as well. Hospital workers receive 70 % off. See our mission page for other discounts. 


♦ Ultrathin High-Index                  ♦ UV-Transitions                   ♦ Blue Light Blocking                     ♦ Mirrored Sunglasses 

Concierge Home Try-On

Real opticians are always ready to help

Trying on frames at home is great, and it is much better with a helping hand if you need it. We can discuss your vision demands, obtain measurements for your workspace, or whatever else will help your new glasses be the best you’ve ever had.


Meet Your Optician
Message our central platform, and one of our opticians will be right with you. They'll learn about what you need, and ask about the frames you'd like to try for free home try-on. Or if you're ready, take your order.


Pick Your Favorites
You'll have five business days to try them out. Once you have your winner, our optician will have you take a few simple smartphone photos. Believe it or not, we can make even complex orders like progressives with just a few pictures.


See Everything Differently
Enjoy your new glasses and membership benefits. Our goal is to raise the bar on what online glasses should mean -- total vision peace of mind.

Lens Replacements

Let us help your favorite frames live on

No one understands the affection for that one special frame better than us. The problem is that lenses do not age as gracefully. Order a lens replacement from us and let us do our magic


Meet Your Optician
Shoot us a keyword text, and one of our opticians will be right with you. They'll gather all of the info and measurements we need to order your new lenses.


Wait For Our Glasses Box
We will mail out one of our super-sturdy bamboo glasses boxes. Put your frame in them, peel back the shipping label, and send it right back.


New As Can Be
Our lab will install your new lenses and go to work on sprucing up your frame. New nosepads, screws, and alignment. They'll be (almost) like the day you got them, right from the mail.


Schedule 100% online now, and receive a confirmation email in minutes. No need to call to confirm!

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