The Complete Eyecare Membership

Eye Exam + Concierge care & Member pricing for 1 year

(Be our patient)

Glasses and Contacts Membership

Get amazing prices and quick orders to your doorstep, especially if you bundle

(Nationwide Coming May 2019)

So technically there are 3, but our workplace memberships are too good for public consumption.

Got 4 or more colleagues that want to join? Find details on our contact us page.

Got an outside Rx? Go to our retail optical page for pricing and information.


$150 per person, or $250 for two joining together

~ Local, Membership capped at 1000 members. Lasts 1 year.

Our member system is our innovation to help people keep their annual “eye bill” lower than ever before. By bundling your initial eye exam, glasses or contacts, and follow-up care if needed into a flat rate, the savings are drastic. Membership includes your complete eye exam, as well as any prudent follow-up visits for the year. Best of all, members unlock exclusive member pricing on everything all year — storewide.


Total cost capitation
This means you will pay only for your membership, no matter how many times you’re seen or tests we run.


Talk to your eye doctor via Skype or FaceTime for any issues that arise. Traveling and wake up with an unhappy eye — we have your back.


Time is everything
Get your appointment soon and when you want it, not in a month when the receptionist tells you. Get eyecare on your schedule with our online booking system.


$75 per person

~Nationwide delivery, your local doctor. Lasts 1 year.

Coming May 2019

Buy online, with peace of mind. Instead of simply making your glasses and hoping for the best, Tribe is all about the perfect fit and optical measurements going into every pair. That means working with your local eye doctor and optician, rather than cutting their valuable expertise out of the loop. Amazing prices, support, and easy repairs down the line.


Faster is Better
Most single vision orders will ship out the same day, or the next for any with a high Rx. Progressives and sunglasses will be in your hands faster than anywhere else.


Utilize the experts around you
We are proud to be the only online store that supports private optometrists, because we were started by one. Get your new Tribe glasses fitted and repaired locally, from the doctor that wrote the Rx.


We will work to get what you are owed. Check the box on your order to get a letterhead receipt. Then we will guide you through what you need to get reimbursement through EyeMed or VSP.


Schedule Online now, and receive a confirmation email in minutes. No need to call to confirm!

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How To Spend Less and See Better

The Magic of Bundling

Meet Mr. Blurry

Tribe Personas | Mr. Blurry

He is local, and he wants to get all of his care done at Tribe. He also wants new glasses and Rx sunglasses.

Avg National Cost = $745

(Eye exam + Glasses + Rx sunglasses)

Tribe Costs = $295

($150 membership + $50 Glasses + $95 Rx Sunglasses)

Ms. Cantread

Tribe Personas | Ms. Can'tRead

She loves her local eye doctor, but wants to spend less. Plus she is worried about her new progressives and reading glasses being fit correctly.

Avg National Cost = $640

(Progressives + Rx Readers)

Tribe Costs = $300

($75 Membership + $175 Progressives + $50 Readers)

Ms. Contacts

Tribe Personas | Ms. Contacts

She also sees her local eye doctor. She wants to order more contacts, and maybe replace those glasses she still has from 8th grade.

Avg National Cost = $1085

$610 for contacts alone $475 for the same contacts, plus new glasses
(Acuvue 1 Day Moist annual supply + Glasses)

Tribe Costs = $475

($75 Membership + $350 for contacts + $50 for glasses)


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Member Pricing: Prices listed for complete pairs, frame + lenses. Valid for one year, no buy limit.

Member Price:
Single Vision:
Digital Progressive:
Single vision Rx:

Upgrades: High-index, UV-responsive, or blue light blocking lenses

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