Support Our Front Line

The troops on our front line do not wear fatigues. They wear scrubs. 

Our defenses to keep us safe behind those front lines are familiar. Others will teach our children about this in history class one day. And everyday, truckers leave their own families and sleep alone in their trucks so that we can maintain a semblance of normalcy. We must all say thank you. This is our way to do it. 

¤ Front Line: All hospital workers receive 70% discount on all orders.

¤ Defense: Police, Fire, Active Military receive 50% discount.

¤ Homefront: Teachers and truckers receive 50% discount.


The not fine print: Discount applies to total including membership, not just for glasses alone. Contacts cannot be discounted, unfortunately. Use your smartphone to take a picture of your badge or company ID. This must match the name on your doctor’s Rx. 


Our COVID-19 Story

We were just one doctor’s office, in one town, with one doctor and a dream. We made doctor’s office quality glasses, at online prices. 

Like so many family businesses, we had built it with our own hands. We watched it grow. We even planned for an expansion. Then the virus did to us what it has done to so many others. We had to close. We had to adapt. 

That is all over now. We want to start telling a different story that catches on — a small business comeback story. Join us.





Support the Homefront

It is the duty of all of us to do everything in our power to help our communities come together in wartime, and that must include businesses. There are surely more romantic causes to support - we felt that ours should be to ensure that we protect our most vulnerable. That is why a portion of all of our sales will go towards a direct donation to Feed Chittenden or the Vermont Food Bank. Checkout our social media feeds for our weekly donation amounts, starting April 3rd.

Feeding Chittenden (Glasses)

Tribe will donate $5 for every pair of standard glasses, and $15 for every pair of progressives. That means sight for you will help our most vulnerable eat with dignity.

The Vermont Foodbank (Contacts)

A portion of every contact lens purchase mean a direct donation to our area’s largest foodbank.