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What Is Tribe?

Tribe Eyeworks is a revolutionary destination to change the way you take care of your eyes.
Iconic styles. An all-inclusive membership model. Faster and for less.

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Our Mission


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No one Else

We believe no industry needs modern disruption more than healthcare. Ours is a sea of middlemen: insurers, brokers, and monopolies. At Tribe, we are out to prove there’s a better way — community centered direct care.


Glasses Online

with peace of mind

We believe that a choice in buying your glasses between overpriced monopolies and faceless online sellers is no choice at all. Our membership system ends the false choice of having local expertise behind your glasses and saving money. By working with your own local eye doctor to ensure the fit as well as Rx accuracy, you’ll finally be able to get glasses online with peace of mind. And fast — 97% of single vision orders will ship within 24 hours.


Sight is a

human right

We believe that in the 21st century, no one anywhere should be forced to live with preventable blindness. That is why we have partnered to make every purchase at Tribe contribute to ending it the world over. By partnering with VOSH International and the Carter Foundation, we target the two most prevalent causes of preventable blindness, uncorrected refractive error and trachoma. See our philanthropy page to learn more.

Our Model

We are a Burlington-based startup company with a different take on vision care. Our mission is to redefine the eye doctor office and to end the uncertainty of buying glasses online. We use only the best materials, sourced directly from manufacturers and finished at our lab in Vermont. Our membership model saves the average customer hundreds, even for those with insurance. We are Tribe, and we are out to build the future of eyecare. Join us.


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