Just Looking

For Glasses?



Just Looking

For Glasses?

See. Everything. Differently.

We are the first doctor-direct optical collective. Beautiful frames, the best materials on the market, and unparalleled support.

Direct primary eyecare. Glasses made and backed by the pros. That is the future of seeing better.



We are closed for the time being. A major announcement on our future will be made in May, and we will link to it here once it is live. Our tentative re-opening and the next evolution of Tribe is set to begin in the first week of June.



Designer Frame Company

Doctor's Office

15 Minute Optical Lab

Contact Lens Retailer


Our Mission


Direct Primary


We believe no industry needs modern disruption more than healthcare. Our Burlington showroom and doctor’s office is an innovation toward our goals for the future of healthcare. Pay a flat amount for your eye exam, plus a year of concierge care. Never an extra fee regardless of number of visits, or complexity of care. 


Quality and price

beyond compare


Tribe means the end of choosing between cost and the expertise to have you seeing your best. By joining our collective, you’ll have all of your vision needs met at a fraction of the price. Vision plans aren’t what they used to be. From glasses to contacts, eye exams or lens replacements, we are here to serve you.


Sight is a

human right

We believe that in the 21st century, no one anywhere should be forced to live with preventable blindness. That is why we have partnered to make every purchase at Tribe contribute to ending it the world over. By partnering with VOSH International and the Carter Foundation, we target the two most prevalent causes of preventable blindness, uncorrected refractive error and trachoma.

Your Best Vision. Zero Middlemen.

Our vision collective arose from the fact that seeing our best is the ultimate product of expertise. A highly trained doctor has to ensure the health of our eyes, as well as write the ideal prescription. A passionate optician guides through your best frame styles, and with the doctor's help the right type of lens for your purposes. Since all glasses are finished by hand, a dedicated glasses lab technician is a must. And once you have your new glasses, there are adjustments, repairs, warranty. Until now, countless middlemen have stood between this team of experts and you. Insurers, a monopoly of frames and labs, layers of pointless complexity. The Tribe model is the professionals only version of seeing your best. It is simple, transparent, convenient. It is eyecare, evolved.


Contact Lenses


Eye Exams


No appointments are being taken at this time. Our reopening will feature innovations to ensure no one ever has to choose between vision and their family’s health.


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