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The First True One-Stop Eyecare Destination

Tribe EyeWorks is unlike any other destination for seeing your best— the first doctor designed and owned frame company. 
The highest quality glasses, made fast and for less. 

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Our Mission


Affordable, Holistic


We believe no industry needs modern disruption more than healthcare. Our Burlington showroom and doctor’s office is an innovation to our goals for the future of healthcare. Pay a flat amount for your eye exam, plus a year of concierge care. Never an extra fee regardless of number of visits, or complexity of care. 


Glasses For Less

Backed by the Pros

Tribe means the end of choosing between cost and the expertise to have you seeing your best. Your Tribe glasses are backed for Rx accuracy, scratches, adjustments, and difficult lab measurements for progressives or high prescriptions. We love to make the difficult look easy, and the impossible seem merely difficult.


Sight is a

human right

We believe that in the 21st century, no one anywhere should be forced to live with preventable blindness. That is why we have partnered to make every purchase at Tribe contribute to ending it the world over. By partnering with VOSH International and the Carter Foundation, we target the two most prevalent causes of preventable blindness, uncorrected refractive error and trachoma.

Our Mission

We know it as well as anyone; there is no shortage of stores and websites that want to sell glasses -- and then walk away. They want to treat glasses as a commodity. All the same, simple to make, requiring no support. The problem is that glasses are none of those things. Tribe glasses are backed by doctors and opticians, real people that have made it their life's work to perfect human vision. That means unlimited repairs, scratch warranty, and even changing the actual Rx to keep your glasses at their best.


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